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We need you to B Part of It NT!

Whether you are a young person who is eligible to participate, a healthcare worker, parent, elder, teacher or youth worker… we need you to do your part to help protect your community from meningococcal B germs (bacteria), and possibly in combatting gonorrhoea in the community.

If you’re interested in being a participant and want to receive a free vaccination (Bexsero vaccine), visit our Young People Page and check out the Key Dates that you need to know. As a participant, you will receive two $20 vouchers for your time.

If you aren’t eligible for the study, but would like to contribute to valuable research into gonorrhoea and ensure more young people in the NT are protected from meningococcal B, visit our Parents & Community Leaders Page, or Healthcare Workers & Clinicians Page to find out how you can help.

B Part of It NT-PLUS

B Part of It NT-PLUS is a way for young people in NT to provide advice to the researchers who are running the B Part of It NT study. B Part of It NT-PLUS will involve workshops/yarning circles for young people from across the Northern Territory.

Yes, young people aged 16-21 years are invited to join B Part of It NT-PLUS and we would love to hear what you have to share. You can get involved in B Part of It NT-PLUS workshops even if you do not want to take part in the B Part of It NT study – that’s up to you.

You will take part in a B Part of It NT-PLUS workshop/yarning circle/brain-storming session with other young people and a researcher (face-to-face or online). Taking part is voluntary – if you do not want to, you can say no. You will be asked to share ideas about ways to promote the B Part of It NT study, how to encourage young people to join, how to make sure they come back for study visits and concerns that people may have. You might be asked to give feedback on posters and ads for TV, radio or social media. We also want to know what you think about research generally and ways to involve young people.

We will be working with groups and organisations for young people, so check with your local group to see if they are involved. You can also contact the researcher leading B Part of It NT-PLUS, here:

You can download the FAQs here.